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Case Results

  • Dismissed State v. J.M. (sexual battery-victim helpless and fraudulent use of a credit card
    J.M. was a young man accused of raping a young woman he was dating. He was also charged with stealing her credit cards and using them on a shopping spree. (multiple store purchases different days). After taking depositions, filing motions to exclude evidence and a full investigation of the case, Raisman & Raisman went to trial. At his first trial, Helene and Steven Raisman were able to exclude critical evidence which resulted in the State being unable to prove the fraudulent use of a credit card charge. The fraudulent credit card charge was dismissed by the judge but the jury could not reach a verdict and was hung on the sexual battery-victim helpless charge. After further aggressive litigation contesting the introduction of incriminating test messages sent by J.M., the case proceeded to trial for a second time on the sexual battery-victim helpless charge. At the second trial, the State argued J.M. drugged and raped the alleged victim. Helene Raisman was able to get the victim to agree with her, during cross-examination, that she could have consented to having sex with J.M. The jury found J.M. NOT GUILTY of the rape case despite the damaging text messages. J.M. WALKED OUT OF THE COURTROOM WITH THE ATTORNEYS!
  • Dismissed State v. J.P. (STAND YOUR GROUND case)
    Client was charged with discharging a firearm in public after shooting at multiple people during an altercation outside of his apartment complex. The case was dismissed with prejudice after we demonstrated that the shooting was justified under the Stand Your Ground statute.
  • No charges filed State v. B.P. (child abuse investigation)
    A businessman was investigated for child abuse. Steven successfully convinced numerous law enforcement agencies NOT to pursue the case and no charges were ever filed.
  • No charges filed State v. D.J. (domestic violence prosecution)
    C.C. was investigated for battery involving her husband. Helene Raisman immediately went to work and discovered that there was no battery at all but, rather, a jealous husband who lied to the police about his wife hitting him because he was upset about finding text messages his wife exchanged with a male co-worker. Helene Raisman interviewed the husband who admitted his wife did not hit him. Upon obtaining the accuser's statement Helene successfully convinced the State not to file charges in the case.
  • Dismissed State v. J.D. (indecent assault)
    J.D. was charged with molesting his step daughter over a lengthy period of time. After aggressive litigation and investigation. Steven Raisman secured a not guilty verdict on all charges.
  • Dismissed State v. J.V. (insurance fraud)

    Client was arrested and charged with fraud stemming from making a false claim to an insurance company. If she was convicted of this felony, she would lose her nursing license, which was immediately suspended. After researching the case history, taking statements from the alleged victim and pointing out the weaknesses of their case, Helene Raisman was able to convince the State Attorney's Office to dismiss the case. Her nursing license was immediately reinstated. J.V. was extremely happy that we were also able to expunge her arrest history and she is still working as a nurse to this day.

  • Dismissed State v. N.R. (driving under the influence).
    N.R. was charged with DUI as a second offender. The client was involved in an accident in the parking lot of a nightclub. The police officer who responded to the scene gave him a break and told him to leave his vehicle parked and not to drive anymore that evening because he believed N.R. was drunk. Thirty minutes later, N.R. got into his car and began to drive out of the parking lot as the officer watched and waited. He was immediately stopped by the same officer and arrested for the DUI. This case was a clinic on extensive investigation and the use of the pre-trial motion. After taking depositions and conducting an Internal Affairs check on the officer involved, Helene Raisman filed over 10 pre-trial motions. After hearing the motions and Helene's arguments, the Judge granted them and the case was DISMISSED!
  • Dismissed State v. A.F. (possession of cocaine).

    Another team win! After filing a motion to suppress due to an illegal stop and frisk, Raisman & Raisman was able to convince the State of Florida to drop the charge.

  • Changed to disorderly conduct and a small fine State v. L.W. (domestic violence case)
    Our client was a long time postal employee near retirement accused of committing a battery on his ex-wife after an argument about their toddler child in common. If he was convicted of domestic violence battery he would lose his job and pension. When the police arrived on scene the victim told them that L.W. hit her in the face with a closed fist multiple times and put her in a choke hold to the point where she could not breathe. She told an officer that she bit our client in order to escape. Based on the victim's account and visible swelling and redness on her face, the officer determined that L.W. was the aggressor and arrested him for domestic violence battery. Helene and Steven Raisman took depositions of the alleged victim and her teenage daughter who witnessed the incident and were able to uncover inconsistencies in their accounts of what happened. Additionally, we were able to demonstrate that our client had injuries as well when we obtained photographs taken by a crime scene investigator. On the morning of trial, right before the jury walked into the courtroom, the firm was able to bring about a favorable resolution to a disorderly conduct charge where the client paid a small fine. He kept his job and his pension with the postal service is safe.
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