Butt Dialing Is Not Private


So you accidentally dialed a friend while having coffee and talking about someone else you plan on firing. Your friend's voice mail recording the whole conversation. Now you realize the whole conversation may have been recorded. You hire an attorney to get the voicemail excluded from evidence citing it was private and you did not intentionally make that call......

In a recent ruling in a federal court, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Danny J. Boggs decided that what you say on your mobile telephone, even if you inadvertantly made the call, is fair game for the listener.
The case is Huff v. Spaw. The case hinges on the consent requirement.

Our criminal defense attorneys undrstand the implications of this ruling and its effect on the hundreds of thousands of cellular telephone users.

The entire case can be read here. Currently, Florida is a two-party consent requirement state. That means if you inadvertently dialed someone and you are recorded, our experience ciminalk defense attorneys will work to get your private conversation thrown out.

If you think your private conversation is being held against you, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.