Comply Now, Confront Later?


After watching the recent spat of deaths on the heels of simple traffic stops, one has to raise the question, do we as citizens comply now then confront later?

While this is a question for the individual stopped, one can only guess the mixture of emotions and thoughts playing out at a traffic stop. The recent deaths as a result of said stops, also plays into the psychic of those stopped.

As attorneys with specialized skills in defending against ALL types of traffic violations, know that we are on your side. We will confront and defend your rights against any illegal violations.

While the many will balk at the idea of comply with what they deem as illegal requests from law enforcement, one has to keep in mind that without your life in tact, confront and getting the justice you deserve becomes increasingly more difficult if your voice is taken.

If you think your rights have been violated during a traffic infraction, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

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